Frequently Asked Questions

General and use-case specific questions about the Reshade App.

General Questions

Yes, Reshade is 100% free for everyone to use for personal or commercial purposes, with no expiry date and no pixel size limitation – within available memory.

Some 3rd party software directories/download sites may not show correct or updated information about Reshade. As long as you download Reshade from our official web-page, the application is completely free.

First of all, Reshade is free to use, whereas Photoshop is not. Second, for anyone including Photoshop professionals, it takes a significant amount of time to improve on the default interpolation. With Reshade, it’s easy and fast to achieve great high-definition image resizes.
Reshade is currently at version 3.0. Please make sure to download the installer from our official web-site to get the latest update.
Reshade is a native Windows application. It doesn’t require Java or the .NET Framework to be installed. It does need the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package to be installed. The Reshade installer makes sure that it is available on your computer.

Using Reshade

If this happens, try opening the image at actual pixels/full size/100% zoom in your image viewer. When an image is displayed on-screen, it is often shrunk to fit the display area. To better appreciate the up-sized image please view it on a higher density retina-display or print it at high DPI resolution.
The small rectable on the right image pane in the Reshade GUI represents the selected preview that will be displayed on the left side pane. The entire image area is saved when crop is disabled. Reshade crops images only when the crop feature is active – crop check box is enabled.
Reshade is used to up-size images such that when they’re printed they will look clearer, sharper and overall better quality. The easiest way to print a reshaded image is to open it in the default viewer and choose print.
Some parameters enable advanced features that take a longer time to process e.g. ‘Control’. A progress-bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when busy processing. To speed up the computation you will need a faster multi-core CPU.
When using the 32bit version of Reshade you will be able to resize images containing up to 300 million pixels (30000×10000 pixels). On Reshade 64bit, the image size is not limited except by available internal memory.